Ollywood actress and Trinamool candidate Rachana Banerjee receives flak for bizarre poll promise

Kolkata: A bizarre poll promise made by Rachana Banerjee, Trinamool Congress celebrity candidate from Hooghly Lok Sabha constituency in West Bengal, has been drawing criticism.

On Sunday, during a rally, she made a promise that the women from Hooghly LS seat will get preference in getting featured in “Didi No. 1”, a reality show in which she is the anchor.

“If I win, my first task will be to have a meeting with the channel authorities which host the show. I will tell them to give first preference to the women of Hooghly. I will tell them that first the women from Hooghly will be featured in the show and then only others will be featured,” she said.

Reacting to this, BJP’s sitting Lok Sabha member and actress-turned-politician, Locket Chatterjee, who has been re-nominated by her party this time as well, said the remarks hint at the lack of her competitor’s knowledge about the aspirations of the common people.

“People do not want to go to reality shows. They want industry. They want work. What will people gain by participating in ‘Didi No. 1.? People do not want corruption and extortion. I am surprised that Trinamool Congress has fielded such a candidate who does not have the minimum knowledge of politics or public aspirations. Does she think the people of Hooghly are illiterate?” Chatterjee questioned.

Ever since Rachana Banerjee was nominated, she has been getting attention for making weird remarks.

Previously, after her nomination was announced by the Trinamool Congress, she expressed doubts about the “real identity” of the women at Sandeshkhali in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, protesting against alleged sexual harassment by a section of the local Trinamool Congress leadership there.

Another remark that triggered the row was about Singur — once a pick for the small car project (Nano) of Tata Motors.

The issue hogged the national limelight when the Tata Group withdrew its project from Singur after a movement against the land acquisition.

While campaigning, Rachana Banerjee referred to the role of the Singur movement in ending the 34-year Left Front-led rule in West Bengal in 2011, adding that “the rich history” of the movement inspires her.

Banerjee’s other remark that was coldly received was “I am sure that the people of Hooghly are proud to have me among them”.

Rachana (49) had acted in several popular Odia movies including Santan, Lakshman Rekha, Sakala Tirtha To Charane, Bhai Hela Bhagari, Lakhe Siba Puji Paichi Pua, Subhadra, Ganga Jamuna, and Pua Mora Bhola Sankar. She was a household name in Odisha in the 1990s.

(With inputs from IANS) 

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