Ruling BJD rubbishes Opposition’s ‘escapist’ remarks against Odisha govt

Bhubaneswar: At a time when Opposition BJP slammed the State government over parking of Shri Jagannath temple’s funds in Yes Bank, the ruling BJD today said it is ready to discuss whatever issues are there.

“The funds of Shri Jagannath temple in Yes Bank are safe and the RBI has assured this already. We should believe the RBI and not undertake politicisation of the issue. Whatever is the issue, we are prepared to discuss,” the ruling party said in a statement.

The House took up an adjournment motion and Yes Bank matter was elaborately discussed. In this regard, a House Committee has been formed comprising of 12 MLAs of all political parties under the chairmanship of Speaker to present memorandum to the Central government and RBI Governor. Let the House Committee go into the matter and do the needful, the statement read.

On the preventive measures taken by the State government, the ruling party said the government of Odisha is taking all due precautions in this regard. The CM has declared Rs 200 crore as the initial allocation. Funds will not be a constraint in this matter, the statement mentioned.

“The BJP in Odisha should realise the seriousness of the issue now. The State BJP before commenting on the steps taken by the government should have seen how their ruled states like Haryana, UP etc have taken similar steps like Odisha,” the ruling party said.

Refuting the ‘escapist’ charges against the State government, BJD said the Vidhan Sabha has been adjourned after taking all political parties and leaders into confidence including that of BJP including Leader of Opposition. “The BJP leaders should not indulge in falsehood in this regard….In this time of global pandemic and disaster, we should come together and work unitedly to overcome the menace of this pandemic rising above all our political differences,” the statement said.

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