[Watch] Cobra coils up fuel dispenser in Odisha during lockdown

Nuapada: At a time, the government is appealing to people to adhere to lockdown norms to fight COVID-19, a poisonous snake was found locking down a fuel dispenser for an hour to spread the message of ‘stay at home’ among people during pandemic.

A very interesting video surfaced in media where a cobra approximately of 6-7-ft long in size became the centre of attraction at an Indian Oil petrol pump in Nuapada district.

The incident was reported from Nuapada Sadar area at around 9.00 PM on Sunday when the cobra was coiled up in a fuel dispenser at a petrol pump prohibiting the customers from filling the fuel in their vehicles. The reptile seemed to be sealing the dispenser during lockdown restrictions.

In the video, the venomous snake was found on the fuel nozzles blocking everyone from using the fuel dispenser.

After an hour, the snake moved away from the place to a nearby open space.

The panicked customers, who were waiting to fill the fuel, were heard saying ‘Har Har Mahadev’ out of fear after seeing the cobra at the fuel filling station. One of them was shouting by linking the scene with existing lockdown restrictions. He said, “cobra locked down petrol pump.”

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