91% of Indian Gen Z workers prepared for AI adoption at workplace

New Delhi: Gen Z in India is excited to use generative AI in the workplace, with 91 per cent saying they feel prepared for their employer to adopt the technology in everyday work, a report showed on Friday.

While 81 per cent of Gen Z employees have leveraged generative AI to enhance their work, 45 per cent seek training for hard skills related to their jobs, compared to 40 per cent for soft skills, according to Adobe’s ‘Future Workforce Study for India’.

“Gen Z workers are the most tech-savvy generation yet, and they’re eager to embrace disruptive technologies like generative AI. To capitalise on this opportunity, organisations must strike a balance between embracing these technologies and nurturing a culture that aligns with evolving requirements,” said Prativa Mohapatra, Vice President and Managing Director at Adobe India.

Gen Z is eager to lend their perspectives at work, with most respondents (96 per cent) saying they are comfortable providing feedback to their peers and colleagues.

An overwhelming majority of Gen Z workers (93 per cent) in the country are eager to grow, not only in impact but up the corporate ladder to the C-suite.

“While 87 per cent say they feel good about career growth opportunities at their company, 46 per cent of respondents ranked no clear path to promotion as one of the top reasons they would leave a job,” the report said.

Gen Z is also eager for career guidance, with 91 per cent saying they believe a workplace mentor is crucial for their career.

However, just 76 per cent of Gen Z report having a mentor at work.

Gen Z prioritises their professional growth in a workplace, ranking no clear path for promotion as the number one reason for leaving a job (46 per cent), closely followed by less than satisfactory pay (43 per cent), the findings showed.


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