Commissionerate Police to take action against traffic violators with 5 or more unpaid challans

Bhubaneswar: The Twin City Commissionerate Police has intensified its efforts to tackle the menace of traffic violations and promote road safety in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

In a bid to reduce accidents and ensure smoother traffic flow, the Commissionerate Police has announced strict actions against offenders.

Commissioner of Police, Soumendra Priyadarshi, revealed that the first phase of this operation would involve identifying traffic violators who have accumulated five or more unpaid e-challans.

Special traffic teams will be responsible for pinpointing these habitual offenders and ensuring appropriate actions are taken.

According to Priyadarshi, the Commissionerate Police will actively pursue the collection of outstanding fines from these violators. Failure to comply with traffic rules and non-payment of the fines will result in the filing of police complaints against the offenders.

Speaking at a press conference, Priyadarshi emphasized, “Despite receiving multiple e-challans, a significant number of violators neglect to settle their fines. They continue to recklessly disregard traffic regulations, posing a threat to public safety. Therefore, we have taken the decision to enforce fine collection or lodge police complaints against habitual offenders. In the initial phase, strict measures will be implemented against those individuals who have violated traffic rules on more than five occasions. If they persist in non-compliance, appropriate legal action will be taken against them.”

In addition to cracking down on traffic violators, the Commissionerate Police has also directed its attention towards addressing the rising crime rate in the Twin Cities.

All police stations have been instructed to expedite investigations into cases pending for the past five years and promptly file chargesheets.

By expediting investigations and accelerating legal proceedings, the Commissionerate Police hopes to create a safer environment for residents of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

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