COVID fear: Woman locks self, son in house for 3 years in Gurugram

Gurugram: Coronavirus scare might be a thing of past for most of the people, but not for this woman in Gurugram, who locked herself and her son in their house for almost three years due to the fear of getting infected with Covid-19.

The incident came to light in Gurugram’s Maruti Kunj area.

The woman has been identified as Munmun Majhi and her 10-year-old child was rescued on Tuesday by a team of police, health, and child welfare development officials who broke into her house through the main door.

Both were shifted to the civil hospital in Gurugram for further treatment.

It is being said that the woman was in extreme fear of Covid-19 and she didn’t even allowed her husband Sujan Majhi, an engineer, to enter the house after he stepped out for work when the restrictions were eased following the first lockdown in 2020.

Sujan spent some days at his relatives and friends’ houses but later he rent another house in the same locality to remain in touch with his family.

He remained in contact with them through a video call and fulfilled all the requirements of the duo. He would pay their monthly rent, and his son’s school fees, buy groceries and vegetables for them and leave it on the main door.

The woman reportedly stopped using the gas stove after she had to get the cylinder replaced. She used an induction heater to cook food instead. The woman’s son used to take online classes.

Sujan made multiple attempts to persuade her but in vain. He even asked his in-laws to talk to Munmun. But Munmun was too rigid with her decision that she wouldn’t set them free until they have a Covid vaccine for kids. Till now, there was no vaccine for children below 12 years the woman’s son is now 10.

Sujan later contacts the police. The police then contacted the health department and members of the child welfare department to accompany the cops to Munmun’s place on Tuesday.

Having made several requests to persuade Munmun to open the door, the officials were made to break the door to rescue them.

The duo was then rushed to a Civil Hospital for immediate medical treatment.


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