‘Cracks on Jagamohana of Puri Jagannath Temple need to be repaired urgently’

Cuttack: The cracks on the Jagamohana of the Shree Jagannath Temple in Odisha’s Puri should be repaired on an urgent basis, amicus curiae NK Mohanty told the Orissa High Court yesterday in a report.

“Many distressed location on first and second pidha layers of Jagamohana (outside slopping corbelled zones) and on Amalakas/ Kalasa of buttressing pilli temples were observed during inspection on 17 September 2022. These distress are mostly in the form of wide structural cracks, localized dislodgement of stone blocks and detached weak lime plasters including extensive corrosion of existing wrought iron clamps. These distressed locations are on the eastern and south eastern corner of Jagamohana, which are visible from the rooftop of Natamandapa,” the amicus curiae mentioned in the report submitted to the High Court.

“It is pertinent to mention here that the ASI-constituted Core Committee had earlier advised the local ASI team to take up deplastering and conservation work on outside slopping roof of Jagamohana after completion of inside structural repair work since 2017. The ASI team was also earlier advised to examine condition of stone masonry underneath the weak line plaster in sample patches/ bands for assessment of conservation need and design specifications. The matter has been discussed in various Core Committee meetings in length, but ASI has initiated the work now and the same may be completed scon,” he said in the report.

The amicus curiae also mentioned in the report that restoration work of the crack beam of Natamandapa is in urgent need. This work is pending to be attended by ASI since August of 2018.

He urged the court to take stock of the work once in a month or two months so that it may be expedited by the ASI and Shree Jagannath Temple Administration.

“The safety of the Puri Jagannath temple is very important in nature and this Hon’ble Court may kindly take stock of the work in every one or two months for monitoring the same so that the works may be expedited by concerned Authority like ASI and Puri Jagannath temple Administration,” he added in the report.

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