Family planning: 2 new contraceptives launched in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Health and Family Welfare (H&FW) department has launched two more contraceptives to expand the basket of choices for women as part of the family planning programme in Odisha.

The H&FW department launched the two new contraceptives at a special event here today as part of its Family Planning Roadmap-2030. National Health Mission (NHM), Odisha, Director D Brundha, Family Welfare department Director Bijay Kumar Panigrahi and other senior officials were present on the occasion.

The H&FW department today launched subdermal contraceptive implant and an injectable contraceptive MPA under the ‘Antara’ programme as part of its Family Planning Roadmap-2030 in Odisha, said an official.

The subdermal contraceptive implant will be made available for women in Cuttack and Ganjam districts while the injectable contraceptive MPA will be launched in Balasore and Gajapati districts in the initial phase, he added.

Subdermal contraceptive implant involves the delivery of a steroid progestin from a polymer capsule or rod placed under the skin of a woman. The hormone diffuses out slowly at a stable rate providing contraceptive effectiveness up to five years, said an expert.

The injectable contraceptive MPA contains synthetic female hormones. When administered into a woman’s body, the hormones slowly released into the blood stream and they can provide protection from pregnancy for a longer duration, he added.

“These two new contraceptives will expand the basket of contraceptive choices for women in Odisha. This is crucial for the success of Family Planning Roadmap-2030 in the state,” Panigrahi said.

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