FLO organises webinar on ‘Power of Goddesses’

Bhubaneswar: The FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar Chair on Saturday organised a webinar on ‘Power of Goddesses’ by spiritual leader Rishi Nanda.

The webinar was attended by over 100 viewers from across the country wherein bhakti and shakti were referred to being two sides of the same coin that represents a creative and powerful woman. Discussions were also made about the dynamic energy that’s hidden within every woman.

Sunita Mohanty, CS of the FLO Bhubaneswar Chair talked about basking in the grace of Devi from the comfort of home.

The webinar was moderated by FLO Bhubaneswar Secretary, Sonal More and Vote of thanks by FLO Bhubaneswar, Sr Vice Chair, Namrita Chahal.

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