INWEC members visit Tata Steel at Odisha’s Kalinga Nagar

Bhubaneswar: Members of the Indian Chamber of Commerce Women Entrepreneurship Council (INWEC) embarked on a transformative full-day tour of Tata Steel’s Kalinga Nagar facility in Odisha recently.

Spearheaded by Preeti Pallavi Patnaik, the convenor of INWEC, the visit was characterized by dynamic interactions with key figures, including Vice President Rajiv Kumar and leaders from various verticals within Tata Steel.

The visit ignited a surge of creativity and visionary thinking among INWEC members, propelling them to dream on a monumental scale. It also laid the foundation for a promising partnership as Tata Steel’s specific business needs seamlessly aligned with the prowess of INWEC entrepreneur’s sparked enthusiasm.

The day commenced with an introduction to Tata Steel, leading to an immersive facility tour where members witnessed the heartbeat of the company’s operations. Technical discussions provided a deep dive into the intricacies of Tata Steel’s processes. Additionally, the delegation had the privilege of engaging with women employees, gaining invaluable insights into their experiences within the organization, particularly in a supportive three-shift work environment.

The facility tour unveiled Tata Steel’s operational insights, sustainability initiatives, and unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility. The resonance of Tata Steel’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion with INWEC’s values sparked ideas for potential collaborations.

In a joint effort with the Balasore Chamber of Commerce & Industries Women Entrepreneurs (BCICWE), the convenor of INWEC extended an invitation to ten women from BCICWE with diverse business backgrounds. Supreety Misra, the convenor of BCICWE, joined forces with INWEC, recognizing the valuable learning, development, and growth opportunities that organisation provides. This partnership is geared towards enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit of women entrepreneurs in Balasore.

INWEC members expressed eagerness about the prospect of synergizing efforts with Tata Steel to further shared goals and objectives. Further, the collaborative alliance between INWEC and BCICWE epitomizes a dedication to empowering women in engineering and entrepreneurship.

As the INWEC delegation anticipates future engagements with Tata Steel, profound gratitude is extended for the warm hospitality and generosity experienced during the visit. The convenor of INWEC, on behalf of the delegation, expresses her heartfelt thanks to the Tata Steel team, including Rajiv Kumar (VP TSK), Karamveer Singh (GM Operations), Ajit Kar (Chief Of Electrical Maintenance), Shankar Biswas (Chief of Mechanical Maintenance), and Debdoot Mohanty (Chief of Corporate Services). Their gracious hospitality and insightful presentations have left an enduring imprint on the minds of INWEC members.

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