Kapil Sibal launches website to help citizens fight injustice

New Delhi: Independent MP Kapil Sibal on Saturday announced that he will launch a website, titled ‘Insaf ke Sipahi’, to help citizens fight against injustice and appealed to the opposition Chief Ministers and parties to help him in the initiative.

Addressing a press conference here, Sibal said during the official launch on March 11 at the Jantar Mantar, he will also unveil a vision document for the country.

He asserted that this was not a political move but a catalyst for change

“Any change which had been brought in the country, lawyers were at forefront and now I want to ask why lawyers are silent?” he said.

The Independent MLA said lawyers should raise their voices, adding that “I want to start a movement as there is injustice everywhere be it business, journalism, people and opposition”.

He said in the country there will be lawyers standing in every corner to help the public on every issue.

Sibal alleged that the elected government have been destabilised and thant among 121 cases of ED, 115 are against opposition leaders.


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