Newborn hurled to death from apartment in Kerala’s Kochi, police question family

Kochi: In a shocking case, a one-day-old baby was thrown out of an apartment in Kerala’s Kochi, said police on Friday, adding that a family is being questioned in the connection.

The CCTV visuals which went viral, show the baby, wrapped in a packet falling.

It was a passerby who first spotted the body lying on the road.

“Only a probe will reveal if the baby was killed and then thrown out, or did it die on the impact of the throw,” said the locals who reached the spot.

The apartment block from which the infant was flung onto the road consists of 21 apartments of which three are vacant.

The security official in the apartment block had gone for breakfast around 8 a.m. and this incident took place soon after that.

The local health worker said to the best of her knowledge there were no pregnant women in the apartment block.

A special team led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Rajkumar has been constituted to probe the case and they have started examining CCTVs at the locality.

The police have started to question a family living in the apartment. The family includes parents and their daughter.

The security official of the apartment told the media that the family hails from the city itself and has been living here for a while.

“He runs a business and yesterday also I saw the family,” said the security official.

The local councillor told the media that the first evidence surfaced when the packet was opened it contained a cover from Amazon.

“The address on it was covered with blood stains and it was not readable. Then the bar code on the cover was scanned and then the address detected on the cover was from the apartment and that was how the police started to question the family,” said the councillor.

Local legislator T.G. Vinod said this was a cruel act and the police have got some leads.


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