Odisha: Family donates organs of brain dead eight-year-old boy in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: In a highly commendable act of humanity, the family of an eight-year-old boy took a courageous decision and donated his organs today after he was declared brain dead by doctors at a private hospital here.

The boy, identified as Subhrajit Sahu and a resident of Kalpana area in Bhubaneswar, had been receiving medical care at the health facility for the past three days following a brain seizure.

Unfortunately, despite efforts, his condition did not improve, leading to the heartbreaking declaration of brain death by hospital authorities after extensive tests on Saturday.

Subhrajit’s father shared his ordeal, stating, “My son had a brain seizure while sitting in the examination hall at his school on Wednesday. The school authorities promptly took him to a medical facility and informed us. Despite initial signs of improvement, his condition deteriorated, and doctors confirmed brain death.”

The family, grappling with the irreparable loss, made the courageous decision and donated Subhrajit’s organs to give others a chance at life.

“We went through an immense struggle to save our son but to no avail. When doctors conveyed that his life couldn’t be saved, we decided to donate his organs so that others might have a second lease on life. It’s our responsibility as parents to raise awareness about organ donation,” the boy’s father said.

“Subhrajit was a healthy child from birth. The sudden brain seizure led to his tragic condition. Despite our profound grief, we chose to donate his organs. Let others find life through our son’s organs. We aspire to inspire others with our decision,” describing the minor’s previously robust health, his grief-stricken mother added.

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