Rama Devi University’s boundary wall collapses [Watch CCTV video]

Bhubaneswar: A large portion of boundary wall of the Rama Devi Women’s University here collapsed, today.

According to reports, around 100 feet long portion of the boundary wall near the Rupali Square has collapsed towards a park on the premises of the varsity.

The local corporator alleged that sub-standard work led to the incident. “The boundary wall was constructed merely 2 months ago during the President’s visit to the university. The collapse clearly indicates about the sub-standard work,” he said.

University’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Aparajita Chowdhury also alleged about poor work of the boundary wall. “It is an unfortunate incident. We had earlier informed the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and concerned authorities regarding water-soaking near the boundary wall. It also lacked beam and pillar during the construction. The concerned contractor will be questioned about the matter,” she said.

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