Taliban begins repatriation process of Afghan families who fled to Kabul

Kabul: The Taliban-led government’s Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation has started the repatriation process of Afghan families who fled to Kabul after the fall of their home provinces to the group in August, the media reported.

According to the Ministry, there are around 2,000 displaced families in Kabul, TOLO News reported.

The Ministry assured that the displaced persons will also be provided with aid.

In a statement on Thursday, Deputy Minister of Refugees and Repatriation, Arsalan Kharotai said “this process began today and will continue, thus all (displaced) families in Kabul will go back to their provinces”.

Since the Taliban started their march towards Kabul, hundreds of families fled their home provinces and have been living in open areas or in tents in several parts of Kabul.

Their situation has become more dire as winter approaches, said the TOLO News report.

Baghlan resident Mihruddin, who is physically challenged, said: “I haven’t received any aid. The little aid that is provided, the able-bodied take it.”

Another displaced Kunduz resident, Abdul Baseer, said “we have a demand to immediately move the people, the people have become sick, it has been over a month that we are here”.

The World Food Program said that Afghanistan is scrambling with severe economic conditions and warned of an economic crisis in within coming weeks in Afghanistan.

Although some countries and donor organizsations have provided humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, a large of number of people remain in need of support.


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