[Watch] Foreign devotees clean outside Puri Gundicha Temple ahead of Ratha Jatra

Puri: With stage set for world famous Ratha Jatra of Lord Jagannath scheduled to commence tomorrow, foreign devotees were found sweeping outside Gundicha Temple in Puri.

The devotees from different countries were part of the cleaning activity outside the Gundicha Temple where Lord Jagannath and His Holy siblings will stay during 9-day annual sojourn.

Holding broom, the foreign devotees along with others cleaned barefoot in front of the temple.

Foreign devotees engaged in cleaning activity outside Gundicha Temple, Puri, ahead of Ratha Jatra.

When asked about their feeling about cleaning the shrine, one of them said, “My Gurudev had said in Hari Katha that when we clean the temple the same we are cleaning our heart. But, I never could believe that I really came to Jagannath Puri and cleaned near Gundicha Temple.”

“When we cleaned near Gundicha Temple, I hope my heart got cleaned a little bit. We came here for some seva of Lord Jagannath. He will come to Gundicha Mandir tomorrow,” one of the devotees said, chanting “Jai Jagannath…Radhe Radhe…”


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