Will trample BJP like an elephant: Anand Mohan

Patna: Kicking up a political storm, gangster-turned-politician Anand Mohan Singh has said that he would trample the lotus party (BJP) like an elephant and tear it to shreds.

Anand Mohan was addressing a gathering in Mahpuran village under Mahishi block in Saharsa district on Friday evening.

Asserting that he will fight for the socialist values, he said, “I know who is trembling after my release. They knew that this man (Anand Mohan) could trample the lotus party like an elephant, and tear them,” he said.

“People accuse me of being an anti-Dalit leader. The people of Mahishi know that there are only 7,000 Rajput voters and I won the Lok Sabha election with 62,000 votes. Moreover, I defeated the leader who was considered as the biggest leader of the backward classes,” he said.

Anand Mohan was released from jail on April 27 after the Nitish Kumar government amended the jail manual.

It comes in the target list of BJP for amending the norms. BJP leaders claimed that they have no problems with the release of Anand Mohan but the other 25 inmates released with him were a threat to society.

Anand Mohan served more than 15 years jail term in the murder of G. Krishnaiah, the then district magistrate of Gopalganj in 1994.

Uma Krishnaiah, the wife of G. Krishnaiah, has challenged the release of Anand Mohan and moved an application with the Supreme Court. The next hearing of this case has been scheduled for August.


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