Bengaluru start-up owner offers job to matrimonial match, chat with father goes viral

Bengaluru: A conversation between a father and fintech co-founder’s daughter regarding the latter’s matrimonial match has gone viral on social media.

The post has got more than 12,000 likes and generated 921 retweets till Monday morning.

The screenshot of the conversation was shared by the daughter under the title “what getting disowned by father looks like.”

Udita Paul, co-founder of Bengaluru-based Salt was sent a matrimonial match by her father. Udita instead of responding in a traditional way wanted to hire the probable groom on board to her company.

She had asked the man to send his profile and also given the link. Udita had shared the conversation with her father after her ‘experimentation with the possible groom’.

In the viral post, the conversation between the father and daughter goes like this —

Udita’s father: “Can we talk?… urgent…. you know what u did …u cannot hire people from matrimonial site … what to tell his father now … i saw your message u gave him interview link n asked for resume … reply u crazy girl … ”

Udita’s reply: “… 7 years of fintech experience is great … we are hiring. I am sorry.”


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