Chariot-like structure which washed ashore in Andhra during Cyclone ‘Asani’ belongs to Myanmar

Visakhapatnam: A gold-colored chariot-like structure, which washed ashore in Andhra Pradesh’s Srikakulam district on Tuesday, is believed to have come from Myanmar.

After a thorough check of the structure, which resembles the shape of a monastery and the inscriptions on it, local officials said it belonged to Myanmar.

The mysterious chariot was washed ashore at Sunnapalli coast in Santhabommali mandal on Tuesday evening apparently due to turbulence in Bay of Bengal under the impact of cyclonic storm ‘Asani’.

Some local fishermen pulled it out of the water and since then it has aroused the curiosity of many. It was earlier believed that the chariot may have washed ashore due to high tidal waves from Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, or Malaysia.

Large number of people gathered at the shore to have a closer look at the chariot made like a ship. A few of them boarded it and were seen going around to catch a glimpse of the interiors.

On the directions of District Collector Shrikesh B. Lathakar, Tehsildar Chalamaiah, marine circle inspector Devullu and Naupada sub-inspector Saikumar made a detailed inspection of the structure. They found an inscription in a foreign language along with the date of January 16, 2022.

The officials found that the script found inscribed belonged to Myanmar and they believe the structure could have washed ashore from that country.

They also clarified that it is not a golden chariot but is merely golden coloured. Locals including fishermen have requested the officials to allow them to turn the chariot into a temple for the village.

According to officials, a similar chariot had washed ashore a couple of years ago in Prakasam district and it was identified as the one which was swept away from Sri Lanka.


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