Movie on Sushant Singh Rajput hits legal hurdle!

Mumbai:  The Delhi High Court has issued a notice on the petition filed by K.K. Singh, father of late Bollywood late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, seeking a ban on films inspired by the life of his son. Sushant’s family lawyer Vikas Singh tweeted the information on Tuesday.

“Delhi High Court issues notice on a petition filed by SSR’s father seeking ban on release of any movie on his life,” tweeted Vikas Singh.

The decision comes a day after a new teaser of the upcoming film “Nyaay: The Justice” was released. The film is reportedly a tribute to Sushant.

The teaser shows an actor named Mahinder Singh talking about his performance in the highly successful film “Cricket” and the relationship he shared with his manager, family members and friends, highlighting how much he loved them. The teaser also showcases how the actor donated crores when there was a calamity, and concludes with a scene where the actor lies dead on bed, and his aged father asking if he will ever get justice.

“Nyaay: The Justice” stars Zuber Khan and Shreya Shukla and is slated to release on June 11. Sushant was found dead in his Mumbai apartment on June 14 last year.


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