Ekamra Walks unveils ‘Odia Bhasara Gouraba Gatha’ trail

Bhubaneswar: Ahead of the “Biswa Odia Bhasha Sammilani” commencing this Saturday, Ekamra Walks is set to introduce a novel trail named “Odia Bhasara Gouraba Gatha” (The Essence of Odisha) starting tomorrow.

Organized by the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) as part of Ekamra Utsav, Ekamra Walks aims to delve into the rich history of the Odia language, one of India’s six classical languages, which holds a profound heritage. Visitors embarking on this walk will gain a deep understanding of Odia language and tradition.

The journey begins at the Kedarnath Gabesana Pratisthan, where participants will learn about the delicate art of inscribing Odia language on palm leaves, along with insights into the conservation and restoration of palm leaf manuscripts, and the genesis of Odisha’s old newspapers.
The trail then leads to the Uttareswar temple, where a captivating Pala (folk art) presentation awaits on the banks of Bindusagar Lake. The performance will showcase the poetic brilliance of Kabi Samraat Upendra Bhaja, offering a glimpse into the history and educational significance of this traditional art form. A leisurely stroll around Bindusagar Lake will facilitate discussions on the history and evolution of the Odia language.

Next stop is the Taleswar Temple, focusing on the works of 19th-century saint poet Bhima Bhoi of Sonepur, whose contributions to Odia literature are profound. Participants will engage in recitations of his poems accompanied by the traditional Khanjani instrument.

The journey culminates in the awe-inspiring ambiance of the Mukteswar Temple, where participants will be treated to Champu compositions by Kabisurjya Baladeba Ratha. This session offers an exploration of Odisha’s traditional classical music and the rich dance form of Odissi, complemented by the melodious sounds of the Mardala. The experience concludes with a mesmerizing Odissi dance performance, allowing participants to engage with the dancers and gain insights into the art’s graceful movements, intricate costumes, and traditional jewelry.

The third edition of Ekamra Walks started in January with an aim to invite residents and tourists alike to embark on an enlightening journey through the historical marvels of Bhubaneswar. The walk will continue till end of March.

This edition of the Ekamra Walks has been divided into five diverse trails – Nature Trail set in three locations in Deras and Nandanakanan, Culture Trail showcasing Odia and tribal culture, Little Explorer’s Trail designed for children, and the Food Trail which delves into forgotten Odia recipes and the Essence of Odia trail.

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