I am fit and just a call away: Naveen to Modi after his ‘ill health’ statement

Bhubaneswar: Barely three hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a public meeting said that a conspiracy possibly exists behind Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s falling health, the latter responded at a rare press appearance by saying that he is fit and fine.

“I am fully fit and I have been campaigning across the state for last one month. If I had health issues, it would be difficult for me to campaign in this hot and humid weather condition,” said Patnaik in a presser at his residence here today.

While addressing a public meeting in Mayurbhanj, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the BJP government, which will be formed after the election results, will constitute a special committee to probe the falling health of the Odisha Chief Minister.

The Prime Minister also raised apprehensions regarding possible conspiracy behind the ‘sudden deterioration’ in Odisha Chief Minister’s health in last one year.

“The well-wishers of Naveen Babu are worried as his health has deteriorated significantly in last one year. They believe that there might a conspiracy in this regard. When BJP government comes to power in Odisha after the ongoing elections, a special committee will be formed to investigate the reason behind the sudden deterioration in Naveen Babu’s health,” said the Prime Minister.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s statement, the Odisha Chief Minister said the former can call him over phone at any moment and enquire about his health.

“The Prime Minister had earlier stated that I am his good friend. If he is so much concerned about my health, he should ring me up and enquire about my health. If the Prime Minister wants to form a special committee in this regard, then the panel should look into the people who were spreading rumours about my health,” said Patnaik.

The Odisha Chief Minister urged the Prime Minister to look into the proposals for raising coal royalty for Odisha and according special status to the state instead of expressing concerns about his health.

“I want to assure the Prime Minister that I have been in good health and campaigning across the state. Instead of expressing concern over my health, the Prime Minister should consider the proposals for raising the coal royalty and according special status to Odisha,” said the BJD supremo.

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