IOC promises innovation at Paris 2024 with help of AI

Geneva: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games will provide immersive and interactive on-site experiences with the help of AI-driven technologies.

Ilario Corna, IOC’s chief information technology officer said, “Our partnership with Intel has propelled us into a realm where emerging technologies, powered by artificial intelligence, are reshaping the world of sport for spectators, athletes, IOC staff and Partners.

“Through their AI-powered solutions, Intel has enabled us to deploy AI faster than ever before. Together, in Paris, our collaboration will create an Olympic experience like never before, embodying our shared commitment to building a better world through sport.

Audience will be able to enjoy 8k livestreaming broadcast for the first time at the Olympic Games in Paris this summer, reports Xinhua.

Other technologies will also create a journey of becoming an Olympic athlete to give the fans an experience of interactive, AI-powered activations, the IOC said.

The AI technology also transforms video footage of artefacts in the Olympic collections into 3D digital models, which is aiming to preserve the legacy of the Olympic Games.


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