KWS: A concept school with Indian values at International Standards

Affiliated up to Senior Secondary Level, Affiliation. No-1530270

In this ever changing world, we envisioned an institution reminiscent of our cultural past and adaptive to the progressive future. Krishnamurty World School, with the vision of the infinite philosophy of The Bhagavad Gita & guidance of our mentor Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Shri Nischalananda, had its inception in the year 2016, as the 51st Branch of St. Xavier’s Group of Schools. Within a span of two years, the school has grown from strength to strength and has set a new benchmark in revolutionizing the education system with tremendous response by the parents. A lush green green picturesque campus situated at Jaripada, near Pratap Nagari is ideally located and only few mile away from the Start City, Bhubaneswar & Silver City, Cuttack.

Our mission is tailored to confluence with the demands of an ambitious India-to produce entrepreneurs as part of START UP INDIA. Our vision reflects the values we seek to embody in this generation of entrepreneurs-to encourage a new wave of innovators and entrepreneurs, creating future citizens by inculcating Indian culture. The cultural value we strive to impart is not narrow or dividing: it is a message of harmony and compassion towards humanity that we seek to shine in this world where poverty and ignorance bedeck the society.

We believe in inculcating Indian cultural values. The Bhagavad Gita is an integral part our syllabus and we teach them as a moral science subject to our students. We celebrate festivals cutting across the religious barriers like Janmastami & Id-ul-Zuha in the same vigor. The ancient Indian practice of Yoga was recently accorded the tag of Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. At KWS, we conduct yoga classes to keep close with our culture and also to promote mindful living.

A Healthy lifestyle Satwik Diet: “Shokuiku”-is the Japanese term for food and nutrition education and there is much we can learn from this Asian country with least obesity. KWS cafeteria menu strictly follows a no junk policy and provides food for a heathy body that wields a healthy mind. School provides weekly food menu list to the students and parents also.

We at KWS, believe in giving importance to family values and relationship, joint family system, above all bringing together 3S- “Sambandh”, “Sampark” & “Sanjog”. We also instill among children the Vedic echo of ‘Matru-Pitru Seva’ together with respect to humanity.

We believe KWS to be “A School without Fear”. Activities are an integral part of the KWS curriculum. We don’t push students to mug up information. Instead our teachers organize puppet shows, storytelling and role plays. Fear of subjects like Mathematics is dealt with utmost care through simple presentations and use of props.

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