Leo 17 February 2024 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Auspicious Time, Astrological Prediction

Leo: Examine your desires to truly embrace life’s joys. Embrace yoga as a tool for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, enhancing your overall disposition. Collaborate with your spouse to discuss finances and strategize for your future prosperity. Beware of indulging in an extravagant lifestyle, as it may lead to tensions at home; prioritize avoiding late nights and overspending on others. Your day might face disruptions due to family members of your spouse, so focus on completing your tasks promptly and heading home early for a smoother experience. This will not only bring joy to your family but also leave you feeling rejuvenated. If your spouse becomes engrossed with friends today, try to manage any feelings of disappointment. Consider today as an opportunity for shopping and enjoying time with loved ones, but be mindful of your expenses.

Remedy: Enhance your love life by donating items symbolizing the Sun God, such as wheat, lentils, jaggery, porridge, red cloth, and vermillion, at a Vishnu or Shiva temple.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious Time: 11 am to 2 pm.

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