Man stabbed to death on asking youth to return borrowed money in Odisha

Bhawanipatna: In a gruesome incident, a youth stabbed a man to death over borrowed money in Kesinga area of Odisha’s Kalahandi district. He was arrested by police after confessing to the crime.

The deceased was identified as Biranchi Nayak, a resident of Paralsingha Mahul Pada and the accused Jitu Gouda (19) of the same area.

As per reports, the incident had taken place on May 12. Biranchi had lent money to Jitu  to help him in seeking a job. But when he asked him to return his money, Jitu kept evading his request. When Biranchi asked multiple times, Jitu  hatched a plan to eliminate him.

On May 12, he asked Biranchi to go out for a drink. After getting him inebriated, Jitu tied up Biranchi’s hands and feet and then stabbed him multiple times. He then hid the body in his house as polling was about to take place in the district the following day. Assuming that villagers would be busy with voting, Jitu stepped out at 12 pm and dragged the body to dispose it in a nearby canal.

Police, after getting information started a probe and during recreation of the crime, caught hold of Jitu. During interrogation, Jitu confessed to the crime after which he was arrested and produced in court.

Addressing mediaperons, SDPO Sandip Patil confirmed the incident. “Biranchi had given Rs 10,000 to Jitu. When Jitu asked for more money without repaying the previously borrowed amount, Biranchi declined to help and asked him to return his money first. Angered, Jitu got him drunk on May 12 evening and then stabbed him with a knife. He confessed to the crime during questioning after crime recreation,” he added.




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