Railways cancels these trains in view of Covid upsurge

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: The India Railways today decided to cancel six pairs of local passengers and MEMU trains in view of surge in Covid-19 positive cases and to break the chain of infection. The move has been taken due to poor patronization of passengers as well.

As per a statement issued by the railways, the six trains have been cancelled till May 23, 2021 from both the directions.

The trains which have been cancelled are as follows:

01. 08456/08455 Bhubaneswar-Kendujhargarh-Bhubaneswar Special

02. 08412/08411 Bhubaneswar-Bhadrak-Bhubaneswar Special

03. 08438/08437 Cuttack-Bhadrak-Cuttack Special

04. 08461/08462 Cuttack-Paradeep-Cuttack Special

05. 08454/08453 Cuttack-Bhadrak-Cuttack Special

06. 08528/08527 Visakhapatnam-Raipur-Visakhapatnam Special

Apart from this, three local passenger/MEMU trains will remain cancelled on May 14, 2021 from both the directions.

These trains are:

A. 08428/08427 Puri-Angul-Puri Special

B. 08432/08431 Puri-Cuttack-Puri Special

C. 08433/08434 Bhubanewar-Palasa-Bhubaneswar Special

Similarly, three pairs of special trains will remain cancelled partially on nominated days/dates as per the following:

01. 08428/08427 Puri-Angul-Puri Special on May 13, 17 and 22, 2021 will run between Puri and Talcher and will remain cancelled between Talcher and Angul from both the directions.

02. 02097/02098 Bhubaneswar-Junagarh Road-Bhubaneswar Special from Bhubaneswar between May 13 to 22 and from Junagarh Road between May 14 to 23 will run between Bhubaneswar and Rayagada and will remain cancelled between Rayagada and Junagarh Road from both the directions.

03. 08301/08302 Sambalpur-Rayagada-Sambalpur Special between May 13 to 23 will run between Sambalpur and Titlagarh and will remain cancelled between Titlagarh and Rayagada from both the directions.

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