Retiring horses Viraat and Vikrant to be retained by President’s Bodyguard

New Delhi: Emphasising President Ram Nath Kovinds compassion, two of the retiring majestic horses, Vikrant and Viraat, will be retained in the President’s Bodyguard.

Both decisions, to retain Vikrant and Viraat, are in line with India’s high traditions of humane treatment of animals – and aligned to President Kovind’s own compassion for them, it is learnt.

All policies pertaining to Army animals are issued by the Army Headquarters. Hence Presidential Bodyguards animals also follow the regulations of the Ministry of Defence (MoD(, the Rashtrapati Bhavan said.

The MoD is the administrative ministry and only competent authority to explain queries pertaining to upkeep of animals.

However, the President’s Bodyguard will be making a request to Army Headquarters to retain Virat in the Regiment for his retired life as a mark of respect for his services, the Rashtrapati Bhavan said.

It is learnt that the other horse Vikrant, assigned to PBG and retiring around the same time, may be retained similarly.


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