‘Surya Tilak’ illuminates Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, mesmerising pictures surface

Ayodhya: The lights dimmed at noon but the sun rays filtered through to kiss the forehead of Lord Ram and performed ‘Surya Tilak’ — an event that had been much awaited.

This phenomenon lasted for a duration of approximately three minutes, during which the ‘aarti’ was performed amidst the blowing of conch shells.

The ritual, known as Surya Abhishek or Surya Tilak, involved the sunrays directly touching the forehead of the deity. This symbolic gesture created a divine atmosphere within the temple premises on the birthday of the Lord Ram.

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, (IIT-R) were tasked with creating the Surya Tilak mechanism, a unique feature of the Ram Mandir.

The IIT team had conducted two successful trials in preparation for the Surya Abhishek ceremony, which took place on Ram Navami on Wednesday.

The team had developed a specialised apparatus equipped with high-quality mirrors and lenses to ensure that the sun rays are precisely directed onto Ram Lalla’s forehead at the designated time.

According to reports, the apparatus consists of a gearbox fitted with reflective mirrors and lenses. Its purpose is to reflect sunrays from the third floor near the shikara into the ‘garbhagriha’ (sanctum sanctorum) at the specified time.

The components used in the tilak apparatus are made of brass and bronze materials, chosen for their durability and resistance to corrosion. The gearbox has been meticulously engineered to align with the lunar calendar, ensuring that the sun is accurately positioned on Ram Navami day each year.


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