Taiwan’s defence ministry deputy head found dead in hotel room

Taipei: Amidst escalating military tension between China and Taiwan, the latter’s defense ministry’s deputy head Ou Yang Li-hsing was found dead in a hotel room on Saturday morning.

The body of Ou Yang Li-hsing, who served as the deputy head of military-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, was recovered from a hotel room in southern Taiwan. Investigation regarding the cause of his death is underway.

As per media reports, Ou Yang was on a business trip to the southern county of Pingtung. Earlier this year, he had assumed the deputy head’s post to supervise various missile production projects to strengthen Taiwan’s military combat power amid growing threat from the Chinese counterparts.

It is worth mentioning here that China had fired missiles over Taiwan for the first time on Friday, thus escalating the tensions in the region after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s arrival in Japan. Pelosi met Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for discussions on the Taiwan Strait. Earlier, China had fired missiles only in waters surrounding the democratic island.


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