[Watch Video] Cyclone Asani: Chariot-like structure washes ashore in Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam: A gold-coloured chariot-like structure washed ashore in Andhra Pradesh’s Srikakulam district apparently due to turbulence in Bay of Bengal under the impact of cyclonic storm ‘Asani’.

The mysterious chariot washed ashore at Sunnapalli coast on Tuesday evening. The structure resembles the shape of a monastery. Locals say the chariot may have washed ashore due to high tidal waves from Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia or Malaysia.

A video of the chariot went viral on social media. Some local fishermen are seen pushing it through the waters to bring it to the coast.

Large number of people gathered at the shore to have a closer look at the chariot made like a ship. A few of them boarded it and were going around to catch a glimpse of the interiors.

On receipt of information, local police and civil officials rushed to the area. A police officer said they have informed the higher-ups, who in turn alerted the intelligence authorities.

A local revenue official suspects the chariot may have been used for some film shooting along the Indian coast and washed ashore due to sea turbulence.

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