Where is ‘Phulera Panchayat’ located? Madhya Pradesh Tourism answers

The third season of the Amazon Prime series, Panchayat, is creating quite a buzz on the internet. The show has struck a chord with many viewers, who find the situations depicted in the series highly relatable. This has led to a surge in social media discussions and a flood of posts and memes about Panchayat 3. One burning question among fans is the real location of Phulera, the village featured in the series.

Addressing the curiosity, Madhya Pradesh Tourism recently clarified the actual location of Phulera. While the series mentions Phulera village as being in Uttar Pradesh, the filming took place elsewhere.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism engages the public with a weekly quiz to promote the state’s attractions. Seizing on the popularity of Panchayat, they posted a video on Instagram last month featuring the Gram Panchayat office of Phulera, prompting users to guess its true location. The comments section was abuzz with users speculating it to be Mahodiya village.

In a follow-up post, Madhya Pradesh Tourism confirmed that Phulera is indeed Mahodiya village, situated in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh.



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