23-year-old youth stabs himself to death after getting scolded by father for watching TV

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old youth stabbed himself to death after being reprimanded by his father for watching television in J.J. Nagar locality here, officials said on Monday.

The deceased has been identified as Syed Sahil and the incident happened on Sunday morning. He succumbed to his injuries at the hospital on Monday morning, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), Sanjeev Patil, said.

Syed was living with his parents and four siblings at home. He was a scrap picker and his father, Abbas, is an auto driver. Recently, he was irregular to work and his parents came to know that he had been wandering around with his friends during duty hours.

There had been several arguments, between Syed and his parents, with regards to this issue and on Sunday, when his father saw him watching television instead of going to work, he rebuked him and left the house to visit his daughter.

After his father left, Syed went to the kitchen, took a knife, stabbed himself and warned his mother that if he was scolded again he would stab himself to death.

The mother, who got scared, immediately dressed his wound and advised him not to indulge in such behavior again.

An hour later, Syed started complaining of severe abdomenal pain. He was then rushed to a private hospital where he succumbed to his injury.

Further investigation on the case is underway.


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