8 February 2024 Horoscope Today, Rashifal, Lucky Colour, Auspicious Time, Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs

Rashifal and Horoscope for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces for 8 February 2024, Thursday.

Aries: You’re likely to engage in some physical activity that boosts your fitness. Financially, expect gains through speculation or unexpected windfalls. It’s a favorable day for family gatherings and important events. Romance takes center stage in your thoughts and emotions. Work may not yield the desired results today. Be cautious as someone close could betray your trust, causing worry. Utilize your free time by bonding with younger family members. Today, you might rediscover love for your spouse, appreciating their worth. To enhance your career or business prospects, extend support and care to teachers, mentors, and children.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious Time: 6 pm to 7 pm.

Taurus: Experience sheer pleasure and embrace life to the fullest. Consider going shopping with your spouse for essential household items, even though it might strain your finances a bit. It’s a propitious day for exchanging gifts with loved ones. Romantic gestures will be warmly received. Focus on your work and priorities diligently. It’s crucial to make the most of your free time to avoid lagging behind in life. Today, you’ll deeply appreciate the joy of being married. As a remedy for sustained financial growth, always treat Kinnars (Eunuchs) with respect, as they are influenced by Mercury.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 12.30 pm to 2 pm.

Gemini: Sharing happiness with others can enhance your health. Those who have borrowed money may find themselves obligated to repay the loan, potentially straining their finances. Despite this, your spouse’s efforts to bring joy can make the day delightful. Interruptions from your spouse’s family members might cause minor disruptions. However, you’ll manage to stay energetic and complete tasks at work efficiently, possibly even ahead of schedule. Today presents an opportunity to prioritize self-care and explore new hobbies. Be wary of interference from others that could impact your relationship with your spouse. As a remedy, bring bliss into your love life by occasionally having a meal without salt.

Lucky Colour: Yellow.

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 11 am.

Cancer: Your dearest wish is on the brink of realization, but exercise caution as excessive joy could lead to complications. Consider investments wisely and seek expert advice. While family members offer support, they may also make hefty demands. Romance flourishes today, and bold actions can yield favorable outcomes. However, excessive time spent with friends may pose challenges in the future. Contrary to common perceptions, today, marital bliss reigns supreme, transcending mere conflicts and physical intimacy. Remedy: Soak the roots of a Vidhara Tree in water overnight. Drink the infused water in the morning to foster familial harmony and enjoyment.

Lucky Colour: Brown.

Auspicious Time: 5 pm to 7 pm.

Leo: Refuse entry to unwelcome thoughts in your mind. Maintain a state of calm and tranquility to strengthen your mental resilience. Financial gains may come through speculation or unexpected windfalls. Harmony and prosperity flourish at home with improved understanding between you and your spouse. Expect something truly delightful in your love life today. It’s your time to shine at work, so network with influential individuals. Love and delicious food are the cornerstones of marital happiness, and today, you’ll savor the best of both. Remedy: Incorporate daily morning Pranayama practice into your routine to nurture physical fitness and mental clarity.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 7 am to 9 am.

Virgo: Ensure you take adequate rest to rejuvenate your body; otherwise, fatigue may breed pessimism within you. Avoid excessive spending merely to impress others. Prioritize the needs of your family and actively engage in sharing their joys and sorrows to demonstrate your care for them. Without your beloved’s company, you may feel as empty as a void. Maintain composure while negotiating significant business deals. While sports are crucial, ensure they don’t overshadow your educational commitments. Today, your spouse may display insensitivity towards your health. Remedy: Foster harmony with your partner by attending to the needs of grandparents and the elderly.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 6 pm to 7 pm.

Libra: Receiving a special compliment from a friend will bring you immense happiness. Your life mirrors that of trees, providing shelter to others while enduring the sun’s scorching heat. Expect gains from commissions, dividends, or royalties. Today presents an ideal opportunity to attract attention effortlessly. Your beloved will be in a romantic mood, adding to the day’s charm. Postpone new projects and expenses for now. While you’ll have the desire to spend your free time caring for your mother, unexpected urgencies may arise, causing frustration. However, anticipate an amazing surprise to enhance your marital bliss. Remedy: Enhance job satisfaction and professional growth by reciting the Thousand Names of Ganesha.

Lucky Colour: White.

Auspicious Time: 5 pm to 6 pm.

Scorpio: Harness your high energy levels to tackle pending tasks efficiently today. Exercise caution when lending money to relatives who haven’t repaid previous loans. Be wary of someone in your circle overreacting to financial matters, which could lead to tension at home. Preserve the strength and prosperity of your love life by refraining from forming opinions based on hearsay. It’s an auspicious day to initiate new projects and plans. Enjoy a leisurely day watching movies and TV programs uninterrupted. Both you and your partner could benefit from some space in your married life. Remedy: Strengthen your economic condition by offering sweetened rice to the needy and poor.

Lucky Colour: Green.

Auspicious Time: 5 pm to 7 pm.

Sagittarius: Engage in meditation and yoga not only for physical well-being but also for spiritual growth. Those who previously spent money frivolously will realize the value of earning and saving, facing unexpected financial demands. Seek activities that connect you with like-minded individuals. Love brings optimism. Keep business and pleasure separate. Tonight, you may feel compelled to step outside your home for a walk on the terrace or in a park. An old friend may visit, evoking fond memories with your spouse. Remedy: Enhance your financial well-being by using a neem twig for brushing your teeth.

Lucky Colour: Blue.

Auspicious Time: 1 pm to 2 pm.

Capricorn: Kickstart your day with Yoga and Meditation to reap numerous benefits and maintain high energy levels throughout. Expect economic gains today, possibly through your children, bringing you immense joy. Spending quality time with family members will be delightful. Stay vigilant as someone may attempt to tarnish your reputation. New ventures will be enticing and hold promise for substantial returns. Your innovative ideas will lead to unexpected gains, surpassing your expectations. However, be prepared as your spouse might express frustration over the current state of your marital life. Remedy: Enhance romance in your relationship by offering oil and prasad in any Shani temple.

Lucky Colour: Silver.

Auspicious Time: 10 am to 11.30 am.

Aquarius: Make an effort to leave your office early today and indulge in activities that bring you genuine joy. It’s crucial to stay vigilant about your finances if you aspire to maintain a smooth and stable standard of living. Seek guidance from family members to alleviate mental pressure. There’s a possibility of encountering an intriguing individual today. It’s an auspicious time to embark on new ventures. Your ability to promptly address challenges will earn you recognition. In your regular married life, anticipate something remarkably unusual today. Remedy: Enhance auspiciousness in your financial life by chanting the 8 names of Lord Vishnu: Achutha, Keshav, Vishnu, Hari, Sathyam, Janaardhan, Hamsa, Narayan.

Lucky Colour: Purple.

Auspicious Time: 2 pm to 3 pm.

Pisces: Today promises excellent health, thanks to your upbeat state of mind which acts as a tonic, boosting your confidence. Businesspersons venturing out should safeguard their money, as there’s a risk of theft. It’s an opportune time to involve your parents in discussions about your new projects and plans. Cherish and express love with your beloved. Consider partnerships with ambitious individuals. Prepare yourself for potential upsetting news from your in-laws, which may leave you feeling somber and contemplative. However, you’ll realize that married life isn’t solely about compromises but rather a blessing, bringing you profound joy. Remedy: Strengthen your economic condition by feeding a white female pet dog.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Auspicious Time: 10.45 am to 11.40 am.

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