Apps that pay people for walking, staying fit

Bhubaneswar: How many times have you turned weary of your usual lifestyle and wished for some instant, magical way that would get you paid without getting burned out!

There is a fair way for that to happen. All you need to do is take care of your own body. Walk, run, exercise, eat well and pamper your health and you will be paid for that, in return.

Sounds surreal?

Well, there are few mobile health tracking applications that, when installed, pay the users in cash, cryptocurrencies and gift cards for performing basic physical activities like walking, running and exercising in their daily lives.

Here are eight such apps for you to explore:


  1. SWEATCOIN: This app keeps count on the users’ physical steps and tracks their exercising activities and converts it all into digital currency called sweat coins. Once a user earns enough coins, he/she can redeem it in form of rewards and PayPal gift cards and head for shopping. This app is available for both android and IOS phones and also for Apple smart watches.


  1. RUNTOPIA: This app stands out for including audio motivation/coaching and personalised training plans for the users. It also offers different types of challenges thus, keeping the users engaged. So, walk or run and earn rewards. It’s that simple.



  1. STEPBET: Users of this app get to bet money on themselves to achieve a certain fitness goal for an entire game. For that, they select their own step source like Fitbit, Samsung Health and Google Fit, etc. One who meets the said fitness goal wins the bet and gets their money back with some additional cash. This app doesn’t provide coupons or gift cards and pays only with real money.



  1. LIFECOIN: This app offers one Life Coin for every 1000 walked steps. It also includes tracking one’s outdoor activities like running or cycling, etc.


  1. MOVECOIN: Another app that tracks users’ physical activities from walking to rowing and pays them in cryptocurrency. With the availed MOVEcoins, users can make purchases on MarketMove store’s official website.



  1. ACHIEVEMENT: Anyone above 18 years of age can use this app. This app collects all your efforts towards fitness using several fitness apps to one platform and pays you accordingly. One can also some extra bucks with some online surveys.


  1. CIRCLECARE: This app basically tracks a healthy lifestyle. Other than tracking your daily footsteps, it will remind the users to take medicines on time, help them manage diabetes and hypertension and track their overall wellness. When earned enough points, users could use them to make purchases from local merchants. So, this app basically pays you to lead a healthy lifestyle.



  1. LYMPO: Go on by the day performing simple tasks like walking, running, answering questions, taking measures for physical fitness or even taking your dog outdoors for a walk and this app will pay you LYM coins on completion of those tasks. Once you earn enough coins, you could exchange them for various prizes like gadgets, clothes, Amazon gift cards and more.

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