Bizzare biriyani recipes that irked netizens

Bhubaneswar: Who could turn down a soul-satisfying plate of biriyani, especially when there are varieties to choose from!

Be it a non-vegetarian option or vegetarian, biriyani is the perfect amalgamation of rice, spices, vegetables, ingredients of one’s preference from meat to paneer and a lot of love.

Now, with all the tenderness that biriyani fills in people’s lives, is it even remotely possible that people’s love for it could be jeopardized?

Well, this might come as a terrible shock but lately, certain unusual varieties of this much-loved delicacy have surfaced on various social media platforms that have cringed netizens out.

Here are four such instances that didn’t go down well:

Rosogolla Biriyani

In October 2020, the Rosogolla biriyani post on Facebook page ‘Madly Food Lover (MLF) irked the subscribers of the page and the trolling went on for a long time.


MLF had shared an experience of trying the rosogolla biriyani that was served with hara bhara kebab, aloo chap, dahi ka chutney and firni. Within no time several Facebook users posted scornful messages and stated, ‘Biriyani is an emotion and it should not be played with.”


Strawberry Biriyani

In February 2021, Saad from Pakistan’s Islamabad shared a photograph of his home-made strawberry biriyani on Twitter and captioned, “ We made “Strawbiryani” at home today and I am curious to know what desi Twitter has to say about it.

Reacting on the post, some tweeps commented that it was ‘Tauheen e Biriyani’ ( disrespect to biriyani)


Nutella Biriyani

In May, 2020, a snap of Nutella biriyani was shared on a Twitter page named ‘dark cynic’ and tweeples simply didn’t approve of it.


Drumstick Veg Biriyani

In April 2021, a Facebook page ‘Vegans of Bengal’ shared a photograph of a serving of Drumstick Veg Biryani and captioned, “Real biryani is always cruelty-free. Ditch deadbody “biryanis” and prepare your own authentic delicious biryani at home!”

Netizens didn’t take it quite well and started trolling the page for the dish. While a user wrote that the dish ‘looked disgusting’ and another wrote, “You are being cruel calling it Biriyani!”


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