Instagram makes people depressed, Twitter makes people angry: Musk

New Delhi: Elon Musk on Monday put Twitter on fire, after saying that Meta-owned Instagram makes its users depressed while his micro-blogging platform makes people angry.

“Instagram makes people depressed & Twitter makes people angry. Which is better?” he asked.

Musk’s comment created a barrage of reactions on what platforms people like the most.

A follower posted that it is Microsoft-owned LinkedIn actually that makes people depressed, not Instagram. Musk replied with a fire sign.

Another follower said that Twitter doesn’t make him angry but “makes me laugh all day long”.

The Twitter CEO replied that he does “laugh a lot on Twitter”.

Another platform user said that Twitter is less about getting angry and more about being amazed at the “irrational screeching and tantrums of politicians and zombie users infected by the woke mind virus”.

Meanwhile, Musk also said that he is pro vaccines in general.

“But there’s a point where the cure/vaccine is potentially worse, if administered to the whole population, than the disease,” he posted.

Amid the fight to stay afloat, Twitter has now offered a new incentive to skeptical advertisers where the micro-blogging platform will match advertisers’ ad spending up to $250,000.

The company is struggling to woo advertisers back on its platform, who paused spending after Musk took over and announced several controversial moves.


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