Paramour smashes woman’s son to death as she denies to abandon her child

Ongole: Enraged over woman’s denial to abandon her son and return to him to continue the illicit affair, a paramour smashed her 7-year-old son to death in Andhra Pradesh’s Ongole district.

Police on Monday arrested Burri Jana Reddy and Pasam Brahma Reddy, natives of Rangundla village in Nalgonda district’s Tirumalagiri mandal in neighbouring Telangana, for the alleged crime at Yerragondapalem.

Jana Reddy killed Lakshmi’s son Tupakula Sai Kalyan on March 23 near Yerragondapalem village in Prakasam district, while his grandmother Meka Krishnaveni lodged a complaint regarding the same on March 24.

Lakshmi, who hails from Madinapadu village in Guntur district’s Dachepally mandal, got married to Tupakula Srinu a decade ago. Kalyan was their only son and two years after his birth, the couple got separated due to some differences.

Later, she shifted to Dachepally with her mother and son, and rented a home at Muthylampadu Road, including managing to procure an ICRP contract job in the nature farming department.

About four years ago as part of her job, she used to travel from home to Kesanapalli village everyday and got in touch with Jana Reddy.

“Following this, an illicit affair developed between Lakshmi and Jana Reddy and they both lived in together for about three years in a rented home at Miriyalaguda town,” said a police official.

Afterwards, Lakshmi started staying with her paramour for some days at Miryalaguda while with her son at Dachepally for some days, which the latter didn’t approve and started suspecting her.

“Jana Reddy started pressurizing and threatening Lakshmi to abandon her son and return to him to live together but she did not heed to him,” he said.

An enraged Jana Reddy threatened that he will kill her son if she doesn’t return to him, prompting her to shift base to her sister’s home in Yerragondapalem about a year ago before the lockdown as Lakshmi thought it was not safe anymore in Dachepally.

She also managed to get her contract job transferred to Yellaredypalli village from Kesanapalli near Yerragondapalem, living with her mother and son near Nalanda high school.

Later, she quit that job and entered into the business of buying sarees from Hyderabad and Suryapeta after embroidering them and reselling around Miriyalaguda.

Despite these changes, Jana Reddy continued to pester her to abandon her son and even visited her Yerragondapalem residence multiple times to pick up a quarrel over this issue.

On March 21, as part of her sarees business, Lakshmi went to Suryapeta when her paramour called her multiple times on phone but she ignored his calls.

Following this, he grew suspicious over her and determined to eliminate her son as he had become a stumbling block in their affair.

Jana Reddy took the support of his relative and picked up Kalyan from Lakshmi’s home as he was sleeping by his grandmother around 11.30 p.m. on March 23.

They made the minor boy believe that they were taking him to her mother on a motorcycle and rode towards Markapuram.

After they reached Macherla – Srisailam road, Jana Reddy asked Kalyan where his mother had gone, to which he replied that he doesn’t know where she went but she left three days ago.

“On hearing this, Jana Reddy was incensed and held the boy by his legs and smashed him on the road multiple times. He also bludgeoned him with a stone later and fled the spot,” he said.


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