Vitamin C deficiency may lead to weight gain. Here are other indicators

Bhubaneswar: Have you gained a lot of weight lately? Do you feel weak and exhausted all the time?

These could be signs that your body is concerningly low on Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is crucial for a person’s strong immune system, healthy heart, and healthy skin among others. Time and again, nutritionists have emphasized on the importance of Vitamin C intake in a regular diet. Studies suggest that to maintain a sound health, men require intake of around 90 mg and women require 75 mg of Vitamin C, on daily basis.  Prolonged deficiency in this amount may gradually lead to several health issues.

Here are five indicators of Vitamin C deficiency in a person’s body:

  • Weight Gain: Vitamin has a role to play in burning fat to produce energy for the body’s functioning. Its leveling down affects body’s metabolism, thus, adding some extra pounds.


  • Slow healing of wound:  Collagen plays vital role in repairing the skin and white blood cells guard the body against infection. Both these components are synthesized in the blood with the help of Vitamin C. Its deficiency cuts down on their production and that slows down the body’s wound healing process.


  • Exhaustion: People with low levels of Vitamin C tend to feel exhausted and irritated most of the time.


  • Falling sick frequently: A drop in levels of Vitamin C in a person’s body weakens his/her immune system. This makes them relatively prone to frequent infections and sickness.


  • Wrinkled skin: Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is food for the skin in several ways.  A person with the necessary amount of this nutrient flaunts a healthy and glowing skin. However, a drop in levels of Vitamin C leads to a dry, dull and wrinkled skin.


If you have identified with any of the above indicators lately, chances are that the levels of Vitamin C in your blood may have dropped. In that case, it would be wise to seek medical help and renourish yourself.


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