6 Odia evening snacks to satiate the small hunger pangs

Bhubaneswar: In the daily grind of life, one is always caught unwares by sudden hunger pangs in between the major meals of day. Barring breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks prove to be the knight in the shinning armour and rescue us from the clutches of untimely cravings.

Evenings in Odisha are mostly where people look for snacks as a curtain raiser before dinner. From rolls, dosas, chowmein to gupchup and chat, there is no dearth of options as far as snacks are concerned.

Odisha Sun Times has whipped up a list of six typical Odia snacks for you to keep handy, just in case:

Dahibara-aloo dum

The emperor of Odia snacks, this lethal combination tops the list of anytime and everytime snacks in Odisha. Dahibara-aloo dum is fulfiling to the point of nirvana when feeling ravenous.


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A bowl of mudhi (puffed rice) and crispy fried pakudi is the ultimate solution to a growling stomach, with best compliments from a cup of piping hot tea.


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Chuda (flattened rice) couple with mixture is a household staple. Majority of Odia households have a stock of fried chuda that can sometimes be teamed with mixture or garnished with chopped and fried onions with a few drops of lemon.


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Baaramaja is Odia for an assortment of ground nuts, gaanthia, sev, bhujia, etc. Teamed with mudhi, a chopped onions, green chillies and drops of lime juice, this snack is a favourite timepass snack during family gossip sessions, hanging out with friends and also late-night study sessions before exams.


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Cha (tea) and nimki, one of Odisha’s most popular salty savoury snack are relished by one and all in the state, especially the tea lovers in the evening.

Fried snacks

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Piyaji, singada (samosa), aloo chop, baaigani (fried slices of brinjal), bara (and chaul bara, made from rice) are accompanied by a variety of chutneys and the likes of ghuguni (peas curry) and aloo dum (potato curry) to sate the appetite.

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